Product Features

  • Full set of plastic, triple weighted chess pieces with 3 3/4" King plus extra queens
  • 20" Vinyl roll-up chess board in green
  • Tournament chess bag in forest green with space for pieces, board, and other supplies
New Price: $36.99
Old Price: $32.99
(as of 12/10/2017 05:30 UTC - Details)

Product Description

The Heavy Tournament Chess Set Combo is our mid-range tournament combo chess set and comes with our Heavy Tournament Chess Pieces, Quality Vinyl Chessboard (20″), and Carryall Tournament Chess Bag. These chess sets are excellent for those who want a solid tournament chess set with some extra weight to it for blitz or tournament play. Each set comes with one set of 34 chess pieces (INCLUDES EXTRA QUEENS OF EACH COLOR!), one chess board, and one chess bag (colors refer to board and matching bag). All equipment meets chess tournament standards. This set comes in a box with tips, basic strategies, and a refresher course on how pieces move.

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