Product Features

  • Total board dimensions: 20.75 x 20.5 x 1.38 inches (Extra Large) (please verify that dimensions fit your needs before purchasing), Individual board square size: 2.35 x 2.35 in, Playable game area: 18.76 x 18.76 in, Full set weight with pieces: 7.75 pounds (Extra Heavy)
  • King height: 4.25 in, King base diameter: 1.85 in, King weight: 3.6 ounces, Pawn height: 2.25 in, Pawn base diameter: 1.38 in, Pawn weight: 1.3 oz
  • Chess piece type: High polymer plastic with glossy finish in dark brown and light brown, extra heavy weighted, padded leather bottom (Note that pieces are NOT made out of wood)
  • Board type: Inlaid Walnut and Maple wood (wood grown in USA from eco-friendly sources), folding case with interior storage for chess pieces
  • Comes with board, complete set of 32 pieces, and instructions. *Updated version now comes with tray instead of straps to secure chess pieces
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Product Description

Best Chess Set’s extra large, 21 inch Abigail wooden chess board brings an understated elegance to each match you play with it. It is beautifully made but isn’t overly ornate to the point of distraction. It features inlaid, precision cut wood squares that are made out of Maple and Walnut wood lumber from the USA. Furthermore, the board folds up to allow for easy transportation and storage of the 32 chess pieces inside the case. The extra heavy weighted chess pieces feel great in the hand and are carefully crafted for the serious chess player. These high quality pieces are made out of durable high polymer plastic and are made to look like dark brown and light brown wood. In addition, they are padded on the bottom to protect your board. The king is 4.25 inches in height with a 1.85 inch diameter base. The total weight of this set with pieces comes in at a hefty 7.75 pounds. Please make sure to measure out our stated dimensions to see if they fit your needs before ordering. Comes in retail packaging. Best Chess Set® is a California based company and this product is assembled in China in our own quality controlled factory. *Updated version now comes with tray instead of straps to secure chess pieces.

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